Connecting Dots to Thailand

Over the years as we have followed what we believe God is asking us to do, or gone where we believe He’s asking us to go, we sometimes turn to each others and say, “this is actually our life!”. Depending on the circumstance it may be said from a place of “this is so awesome I can’t believe we get to do this” or dripping with sarcasm because something crazy has just happened, again.

In the late spring our friends Megan and Zach Wylie took a leap of faith and said “yes” to what God is asking them to do. They began the process of preparing to move to Bangkok, Thailand to work for an organization called Imagine Thailand. While Zach and Amber were in the office one day he turned to Amber and said “Wanna come?!”. Amber laughed. In a moment thoughts flew through her head. That’s a pipe dream. That would be super fun. Living overseas is super hard. Moving sucks. On some level though, what seemed like another one of Zach’s many ideas, took root.

Interestingly enough Matthew and Zach had a conversation about doing life, friendship, family and ministry together with intentionality earlier in the year. Unbeknownst to all of us, the Holy Spirit had been laying incredible ground work for what was to come. Zach’s offhanded invitation to move across the world turned into an actual dialogue. Over a number of weeks, conversations were had, dots were connected, and clear Holy Spirit moments came together to give us a giant, flashing arrow pointing East.

God willing, in August of 2016, The Wylies and The Prices will launch in team to Bangkok. We will work with Imagine Thailand in different capacities and plan on living in community, not just proximity. There is strength in team, there is accountability in team, there is synergy in team. We believe in team – maybe in what seems like an extreme way.

So once again, we are looking at each other and saying, “this is actually our life!”. One year ago, if you had told either of us that we would be preparing to move to South East Asia in a year, we would have doubled over in hysterical laughter. And yet here we are.

We now see how God has been connecting dots all along.

We’re grateful. We’re excited. We’re humbled.


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