Thailand | The Back Story : Part 2

Once God has uprooted you, you begin sensing that something is just around the corner.

Megan Wylie’s encounter with the Holy Spirit occurred somewhere between the chapel service I (Amber) previously wrote about and what follows. So to help set the scene, the Monday morning after Megan said “yes” to God’s asking them to move to Thailand, Zach tossed out his “wanna come?!” line to me.

Shortly after the chapel service where I said “yes” for the second time in my life, I was out driving through Abbotsford. Throughout the last year as I would drive around doing errands with the kids. I would look at all the houses for sale and think…maybe one day. There was a particular house that I would often drive past and that day was no different. As we rounded the bend I looked at the FOR SALE sign and clear as a bell God said, “this isn’t what I have for you”.

If you’re anything like me, learning to hear the voice of God versus your own voice has been a journey wracked with doubt and questioning. In that moment there was no doubt. I had no questions. I had clearly heard Him speak.

That evening I had the “night off” from being a Mom and so naturally I headed to Target to hit the liquidation sale. I was wandering the aisles looking through pretty home things and paused to pick up a vase or candlestick that had caught my eye. I can’t remember exactly what it was that I had picked up because what happened next utterly shocked me. As I turned over the item to check the price, again the voice of God, as close to audible as I have ever experienced, said, “you’re not going to ship that”. I was so stunned I just put it back on the shelf and out loud said, “okay!”. For a few moments I stood there unsure of what to do next since there was no point to further shopping. I headed for the door, took myself to Starbucks and thought to myself, that maybe there actually was something to this idea of going to Thailand.


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