Megan and Matthew Shared at HistoryMaker 2016

HistoryMaker (youth convention) has been a formative part of our journey. This is true for the Prices and the Wylies. While Amber and Zach were in Thailand, Megan and I (Matthew) were honoured to be a part of the Saturday evening session. With nearly 2,000 students in the room from the Yukon, BC, and Alberta, we were able to talk about our journey to Thailand.

HistoryMaker has partnered with Imagine Thailand and, as part of the #HMChallenge, raised over $10,000 towards the HM On Mission projects – of which Imagine Thailand is one. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO INVESTED.

Excuse the cell-phone video quality, but here are our thoughts on how God spoke to us about Thailand.

PS – Megan crushes it. You should have her speak to your youth as her thoughts are clear and her delivery is genuine.


2 thoughts on “Megan and Matthew Shared at HistoryMaker 2016

  1. Just wanted to follow up on our quick conversation following this mornings service. In case your father is wondering where we are right now, we have been living in Hermitage, TN (25 minutes from downtown Nashville, TN) for the last 20 years. I/Leslie, was a first time visitor at that church in Regina. Both my aunt and uncle are very sick, and I flew in to spend some time with them before they get too sick. It was delightful to hear your story, and how you are choosing to follow God.

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