get to know us

Our adventure is an ongoing one. It is very much one of two very different people with two very different dreams to pursue and wired in two very different ways being brought together on roads we weren’t sure we could walk down. We’ve landed in places we had never heard of before and we’ve been made better because of it. It hasn’t always been easy, but we wouldn’t forfeit the lessons learned, relationships formed, and ground covered.

Now, our adventure has brought us to Thailand with our three young kids. The adventure factor is on the rise! The grandmotherly advice to leave a room better than how you found it has grown to encompass each place we go. We believe that God is loving and that love goes a long way!

We believe that God elevates and alleviates.

We are firm in our belief that God elevates – human history shows how God brings us up from where we are to a place He wants us to be. We believe we are to engage in the alleviation of suffering – both physical and spiritual. That’s the WHY. The HOW (as in how we engage this) is through leadership development (for A) and relief and development (for M). The WHAT (as in what we do to live this out) can be found on our partners page.