get to know us

PricesWylies-90Our story is very much one of God winding our individual paths into one journey.  We believe that God asked us to live out our faith in a country other than Canada, but the capacities we are wired for are quite different.  We were headed over borders before we met, but we know that we are better together and cannot imagine doing this without one another.

Amber was born in Vancouver and has grown up in Metro Vancouver.  Raised in a Christian family Amber was unsure what to do when she graduated high school.  This transition was uncertain for Amber and she wrestled with the question of purpose as she tried to find it in partying, art history classes and within herself.  While attending college Amber was challenged by her small group leader with the question, “what are you doing with your life?”.  Two hours of conversation later, Amber agreed to do a trial year at Summit Pacific College in the O.M.E.G.A. Challenge Program.  It was during that year that Amber heard Nancy Gibson share about her life and work in Romania.  God used that message to communicate to Amber that she was meant to pursue a missional life.  Amber figured if Nancy could do it, than so could she.  With that Amber redirected her energies into becoming the woman God needed her to be.

Matthew grew up all over the Greater Toronto Area.  As a pastor’s kid (and let’s be honest, when you shake this family tree, pastors come raining down), Matthew vowed never to be involved in vocational ministry.  When it came time to graduate from O.A.C., Matthew had a plan to go to Queen’s University.  Matthew was aware that God had a different plan, but Matthew was unwilling to let go of his own.  Matthew took a year off from school and it was during that year that he accepted that God’s plan actually is better and that obedience will never lead to regret.  With the goal of becoming a Global Worker, Matthew enrolled in the Intercultural Studies program at Summit Pacific College.

We met in Matthew’s first year at college; Amber’s second.  After asking her out numerous times, Amber finally agreed to go for coffee with Matthew (Amber still insists she simply was very busy).  On our very first date we talked about how we would date until one of two things happened: that we realized we couldn’t be married or we realized we could be married.  Three years later we graduated together.

We were invited to be a part of the International Missions Apprenticeship (a program designed to provide young Global Workers with real-life experience while working in proximity to more experienced workers).  We agreed to be a part of the Apprenticeship and promised we would get married soon…a big deal for us as a dating couple.

After four years of dating we got married in a way that still makes us sPricesWylies-31mile.  Six months after our wedding we moved to Nitra, Slovakia to begin the overseas portion of our Apprenticeship.  Our first year in Slovakia was hard as we adjusted to so many new things.  That year was so foundational for us and now we cannot imagine our life without Slovakia, the lessons learned, the memories made, the friendships formed and the experience gained.  Slovakia will always hold a piece of our hearts.  In fall of 2010 we moved to Włocławek, Poland to start a community centre as part of a pilot project combining church-planting, Christian business, and community development. Our son joined Team Price at the end of 2011 and our daughter in 2013.

Poland presented us with a number of visa issues…which is a polite way of saying paperwork made it impossible for us to stay. We returned to Canada on an unpaid Leave of Absence to upgrade our skills and education to avoid future visa issues. It was during this time our plans to move to Thailand formed.

There is absolutely nothing special about us.  We’re doing what we’ve been asked to do to the very best of our abilities.  We believe that the love of God is transforming all by itself – we don’t need to dress it up.  So, we are going to be ourselves, love God and love people. This is our adventure.