Back Better

Back and better than before – this has been our experience of our church reopening in-person gatherings after Thailand’s exapnsive COVID lockdown. Volunteer engagement is up. This isn’t just numbers, but also a renewed sense of excitement and buy-in that pulses through our teams now. A deep enthusiasm, that comes from knowing we’re part of… Read More Back Better


When you drop the “V” word around most charities, we find ourselves thrown into impassioned conversations about volunteer recruitment, volunteer training, volunteer retention, volunteer engagement, and volunteer liability. In this flurry of volunteer utilization / mobilization / optimization talk, we rarely hear the conversation turn towards personal volunteering. Beyond volunteers as tools, we’re left with… Read More Volunteerism


In life, there are going to be seasons of feasts, seasons of regular meals, and seasons of snacks. It sounds simple but this insight from John Caplin, an organizational coach who has encouraged us greatly, has shaped much of our thinking in recent years. We’ve used this lens in how we parent, how we engage… Read More Skimming