What’s Not to Love?

Ah Turkey – a lovely country rich in history, touched with pleasant weather and yes, favorably located on the Mediterranean Sea. Currently we are attending the Eurasian Missions Conference in Turkey. And though there is definitely some time to relax and enjoy our surroundings (just imagine us screaming our way down water slides as German tourists watch in semi-amused distaste at our volume levels) there is business to be done. Turkey serves as the ideal spot as it sits in-between Europe and Asia (quite convenient for the Eurasian workers!).

We are excited to tackle the business portion of this trip because it is part of the process that brings us one step closer to calling Slovakia home. Also, it is great to be surrounded not only by old friends, but by like-minded people who are walking out their own journeys and possess a first-hand understanding of what we are experiencing.

Moreover, Amber celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday and despite the almost twenty-four hours of travel we did from the West Coast, we still indulged in merriment over a birthday dinner with friends! Not only was it the first birthday we’ve had as a married couple, but also pretty exciting to have a milestone birthday in such a unique setting…we guess the novelty of this would not apply if you are actually Turkish!

Following our time in Turkey we are headed up to Slovakia to do some connecting with people we will soon work with, explore the city which we will call home, test out our Slovak speaking abilities (yikes) and get a greater taste of Slovak culture. We cannot even tell you how much we look forward to this!


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