Ideme do Srbsko (we are going to Serbia)

At the crack of ridiculous-o’clock tomorrow morning we will begin our drive down through Slovakia and Hungary to Serbia. We will be assisting Sheldon as he facilitates the third, and final, NLI Organix Conference (leadership development). So if you think of us over the next few days, you could mention these things to God:

-that the conference would be a success in every sense of the word (spiritually, educationally, financially and relationally)
-that we would make it there and back safely (we’ve rented a car to save money on flights, but we’re not sure if we’re savvy enough to share the road with Serbian drivers)
-also that the rental car would make it safely too…
-this request may be odd, but stick with us: that we could share a room while at the conference. The sleeping facility (dorm) is booked quite full and we may have to sleep in separate rooms with people we do not know. It’s just always nice to be able to have a place to share our day and thoughts together…and wander around in our pajama’s!


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