Misery thy Name is Depreciation

Does anybody else wish the the dollar would stabilize? When we first moved to Slovakia 5 months ago, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) was getting us a lot further with the Slovak Koruna / Crown (SKK). Where 1 CAD used to bring in 22 SKK, it now fetches only 18.5. We think there is a bit of a tag-team effect taking place. The CAD has developed a bit of a limp after a good run (racing neck and neck with our friends to the south for a bit). Meanwhile, the SKK, much like the 50-year-old who goes skydiving on their birthday to demonstrate their tenacity, has gotten it’s last wind. Set to be replaced by the Euro in just 6 months time, the SKK is going strong; and by that we mean inflating so that people adapt to the cost of living once the Euro arrives. The problem is we are now putting out more CAD to meet our SKK needs.

We’re asking God to give us wisdom and money management skills well beyond our age bracket and experience (especially as we’ve only been married a year). Finances are a stressor, but we have confidence in God because we know him. So join in on our prayers that God would make us domestic financiers extraordinare!


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