Amber’s thoughts on EMERGE: Women’s Leadership Conference

This past weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of Next Level International’s first ever Women’s Conference. Linda Howell, director of Leadership Development & Women’s Development for NLI, has a vision to see 1 million women across Europe to be equipped and challenged to move into leadership. This was the first step towards seeing her dream become reality. Sheldon’s connection with NLI was my in, and so I had the chance to help out where I could. I was working alongside the other women from NLI and a team of American women – we had a great time!

Perhaps what surprised me most was how much I was impacted over the weekend. There was a fabulous worship band and for the first time in 10 months, I was able to worship in English…. it was incredible. I believe I’ve taken my ability to worship God forgranted. After 10 months of struggling through worship songs in Slovak, where I’m so focused on getting the pronunciation of the words right, let alone understanding what I’m singing… I was able to worship God effortlessly. It was such a gift.

In addition, I was able to connect with one woman in particular that really spoke into my life. There are definitely times when I feel that at 25, I am in WAY over my head. Through a one hour conversation I was able to gain perspective, peace and the realization that I’m not the only one to have gone through a challenging time.

This weekend once again proved to me that God often does incredible things in a person at the most unexpected times.

The all Slovak, all girl worship band!

In the front row the 3 main speakers: Linda Howell, Gabrielle Reinas & Judith Green (from left)


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