Not to be outdone by the universally popular “euro” prefix (euro-trip, euro-style, euro-chic etc.) or the rapidly innovating “i” prefix (iPhone, iPod, iLife etc.), we would like to draw some attention to the nationally popular “slov” prefix.

  • Slov-air: was a national airline for Czechoslovakia but dissolved in 1990
  • Slov-matic: a soccer club in Bratislava
  • Slovakryl: a company that manufactures acrylic paint
  • Slovnaft: a chain of gas stations
  • Slov-Alex: a company that produces custom rubber stamps
  • SLOV-CHLAD: a refrigeration company (everything from freezers to ice rinks – it should be noted that “chlad” means “cold”)
  • Slov-Energia: is an energy and natural gas consulting firm
  • SLOVinteriér: builds custom made wooden doors and window treatments
  • slovLED: specializes in L.E.D. technogies
  • Slov-forest: we looked at their website, but we sill aren’t sure what this group does….we think they are Slov-enviromentalists
  • SlovMAD: a freight business specializing in shipments between Slovakia and Hungary (the Slovak word for Hungary is “Maďarsko”)
  • Slov-TAT: custom car painting company
  • Slovaktual: sells doors and windows


3 thoughts on “Slov-insert-name-here

  1. A friend of ours just helped us out – apparently Slov-forest is nothing like an environmental group. They sell gardening and forestry technology (like chainsaws), horse riding gear and handle custom orders for guns and ammunition. OH – they also sell, move or remove trees and timber. Clearly, not environmentalists.

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