EMERGE Czech Republic

After months of planning the EMERGE Phase II conference in Malenovice, Czech Republic, it’s finished! Myself (Amber) along with Linda Howell and Vladen Lasotova had the privilege and responsibility of bringing all the details of the conference together. There was an incredible team of women that came to serve from the US and England and a great group of Czech translators, decorators and musicians to top everything off.

These conferences are always amazing because we see so many women experience incredible spiritual break-throughs in their lives, gain deeper understanding of who God has created them to be, receive amazing emotional and physical healing and form deep relationships. Women came from across the country and more women registered for this conference than the facility could hold so about 25 women decided they would drive back and forth each day from their homes to the retreat center in order to be a part of the conference. The women I met were hungry for God and had a deep desire and passion to serve Him and The Kingdom in all kinds of creative ways.

God truly is raising up women from across Europe to change this continent. I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.


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