Zobaczymy jak to będzie

We’ve learned to be cautiously optimistic when Polish office workers use words like “promise” and “guarantee”. Instead we expect flexibility. We were promised a decision about our temporary residency applications by June 15th. If by decision they meant bumping their decision date back a month and asking for more documents from us, then yes we received a decision.

Matthew is hoping to collect these documents today. Interestingly, one of them is Zezwolenie (the dreaded work permit). It delayed us almost 6 months in Canada last time though it should only take a month to get. This time around Matthew’s boss got it in 2 days. We were utterly shocked until a little more pressing reveled that he submitted a big box of chocolates and a nice bottle of wine with the application.

If all of these documents are accepted and our application is considered complete, we should have an answer on July 12th (though we’ve been down this road before). If our applications are denied, we really don’t know what comes next. If we are given temporary residency (“karta pobytu” in Polish), what remains unclear is how long it takes to get once approved. “Karta” literally means “card” and of course these cards can only be made in Warsaw, shipped to Bydgoszcz, who will then inform us to pick them up. We’re not sure how much more time apart is in front of us or how Amber will be able to get hers since cards must be picked-up by the card holder and she cannot legally enter Schengen until the end of August. To make it more interesting, Matthew’s work visa expires in 5 days (June 30th). As of July 1st (happy Canada Day), Matthew begins counting down the 90 days that he is allowed to stay in Schengen.

As our friends here like to say, “zobaczymy jak to będzie” – we’ll see how it goes!


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