Fifth Impressions | Fixed Variables to Life in Thailand

Not to get all mathematical on you, but our thoughts feel a lot like solving an equation with a few unknown variables. In a place as vast and diverse as Bangkok (even Thailand as a whole), making key life decisions feels deeply interwoven with other key life decisions.

Where to live isn’t just a matter of finding a neighbourhood we like or feel comfortable in. We must consider:

  • the schools for the kids in the area and our access to them
  • the access to a language school for us
  • to have a car or go with transit (we do so love transit)
  • access to transit
  • what’s available in the area (groceries etc)
  • where we believe we need to be. There are lovely places here that would provide a familiar environment, but may put us outside of a place where we can be effective and integrated
  • budget factors

So to pick a place to call home (variable) would be so much easier if we knew where Daxon will attend school (other variable), but there are numerous quality schools here (some we cannot afford and some we would not want Daxon to attend and some would be a dream come true). To establish just one fixed variable will help the rest of the equation come into being. Right now we have observations, desires, gut feelings, and thoughts all mixed together. Pray with us that these things untangle into something understandable and actionable.

People expatriate all the time for a number of reasons. We are not unique in this. Instead we want to engage this process knowing that God coordinates it all – even in ways we do not understand. We came here looking for answers, but at this point feel we have just started to learn the right questions. That’s a huge win, but there is more ground to cover.


One thought on “Fifth Impressions | Fixed Variables to Life in Thailand

  1. I am praying for the LORD to open the right doors and to close the wrong doors, in the POWERFUL name of Jesus!!!

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