Prayers from Thailand

Our bedroom closet contains not clothing, but rather a small work space. This desk often becomes our dumping grounds for “those papers you’ll get back to”. Receipts, financial statements, and the like sit there until the pile grows large enough to demand our full attention. This morning it was rather insistent that some progress be made.

From amidst the papers we pulled a blue bulletin from the church we attended on our one Sunday in Bangkok. Below are the prayer requests of that Christian community. It is a snapshot of their hearts (typos and all) and a way for all of us to pray with them:

  • Pray for the King and the Royal family, may God grant inner strength and full health
  • Pray for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, the National Council of Peace and Order, the National Legislative Assembly, the National Reform Council. May these leaders be able to bring solutions and development to the country.
  • Pray for the court case of the church property that God’s will be done. Pray for the New Church building project.
  • Pray for care cell will focus on witnessing caring, discipleship, and the leader development track to equip the leaders.
  • Pray for families, children, and youth in the church that they will live according to God’s word. Their lives will be good example for their friends. May the children and the youth of Thailand be protected from sexual sins, violence, online games, and drugs.
  • Pray for the lost, to witness and to nurture 2 persons within 1 year.
  • Pray for our annual church camp, on the topic of glorifying God.

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