OMEGA 2016 Goes to Thailand

In about an hour’s time, the Graduating Class of 2016 and the OMEGA students of 2016 will be walking across the stage to collect a piece of paper that signifies so very much.

Then late tonight, though technically in the wee hours of tomorrow (2am), the OMEGA students and Amber will be airborne headed to Thailand to serve in several locations around the country. Be a part of the OMEGA’s journey and experience:

1. Facebook Page omegachallenge/facebook
2. Instagram. @omegachallenge

Daxon, Zala, and Matthew will hold down the fort while Amber is away. We’re praying that she, and all of the OMEGAs, experience the following:

  • divine opportunities to demonstrate and share their faith
  • safety as they travel
  • that their teamwork would be off the charts
  • that they would not return the same way they left

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