That Feeling of Flying

Am in ThaiYou know when you spend a day doing something you love and by the end of it you have that feeling of being all together spent and yet buzzing with excitement? That’s the feeling I (Amber) had at the end of yesterday. I was flying.  Yesterday I had the privilege of being part of a Leadership Camp at the Prince of Songkla University here in Hat Yai, Thailand. The students who were part of the camp were all second and third year English Major students so that made communication significantly easier and made up for my extreme deficiency in Thai!


Leadership Development is something I’m passionate about. I love seeing youth, and particularly young adults, grow in self-awareness, confidence and a better of understanding of how they can lead others. Yesterday was an opportunity to do these things. There were approximately 30 students plus our OMEGA team as part of the camp and it was pure joy to watch the OMEGA students make new friends, work together, and see the leadership skills, that they’ve been developing all year, being used. I felt like a proud Momma!


Yesterday was also a glimpse of what I imagine to be a part of my future here in Thailand. Having the opportunity to meet students and within 48 hours be engaged in significant conversations about worldview, perceptions, and purpose, is not something I take for granted. I’m so grateful for the opportunity!


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