30 Days of Mourning and 30 Days of Prayer

Thailand has entered a 30 day period of mourning for a most beloved monarch. The streets are quieter, entertainment venues and events have closed, black and muted colours are replacing the usually vibrant streets of Bangkok, and a deep sense of loss seems to be pervasive.

This is not to say that life has stopped here in Bangkok – the world’s most touristed city. It continues in a new way and we feel that is reflective of the season to come. Greatly loved, he was a strong unifying force for the Kingdom of Thailand and grieving his loss will extend beyond the official 30 days.

As Thailand mourns, we want to pray. We believe that prayer changes things and so praying together for the same things is strategic and effective.

Join us in intentional prayer over the next 30 days. As Thailand mourns and looks towards the future, let’s pray for Thailand, her people, and her future.

Starting on Sunday (October 16), our team will be engaged in collective and intentional prayer. To receive daily prayer updates so you can pray together with us, PLEASE SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE.


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