COVID Convos – Financial Support

Our financial support did not cross our minds as we watched the COVID situation unfurl around the globe. Then we read a post which encouraged churches to not drop Global Workers if church giving declined as churches moved online. While we had been counting the numbers of diapers in our home and ensuring we had enough school supplies to engage online learning, fundraising never entered the fray. We had been dropping off hygiene supplies to folks far more vulnerable than we are. We had been communicating with colleagues to ensure everyone was in the loop.

Our work and life in Thailand is funded through the generous and intentional giving of individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations. NGO’s raise funds, and in our case, we raise our own funds. It’s work, but it provides awesome inroads and relationships (other thoughts for other posts). The dots that we hadn’t connected were this – people’s income has been hit – people may be less able to give to churches – those churches have their own financial needs – cuts may happen – Global Workers are far away and that can mean out of mind (or out of budget).

When financial push comes to budget shove, will we find ourselves on the outs?

We don’t think so.

  1. as Christians, global engagement is not optional. It’s a divine imperative and one that doesn’t dissipate with circumstance.
  2. Global Workers serve in some of the most vulnerable contexts on our planet. Though we in the northern world may have to tighten our belts in harsh ways, there are millions whose everyday desperation just got pushed to the brink. Now is not the time to abandon folks on the edge and Global Workers are on the front lines.
  3. though this new virus reality will most likely last longer than any of us wants, it will not be forever. If finances are tight now – there will be a better later (at some point).
  4. God is our provider. In the same way that He provides people with the skills to work a 9 to 5, He has provided us with the finances we need (albeit in a unique way). Ultimately, God provides for all of us. That is unchanging.

What we’re asking?

For anyone who financially supports a Global Worker, charity, or church, we ask that you engage that partner in a conversation. Global Workers are not unreasonable and we know that times are tough. Knowing about financial changes before they happen allows us to plan in a way that is responsible and proactive. Two-way communication may allow for a way forward that is beneficial to many and not just to you and/or the one you support.

A conversation with your partner would allow them to share their current reality. Perhaps not much has changed in their support and you stopping wouldn’t cripple them. We know that you probably support multiple partners and perhaps one has been dropped by many while the other has not been dropped at all. Personally, we wouldn’t want to hoard support while watching someone else get financially knee-capped.

We don’t believe we are competing with others for slices of a limited pie.

You’re in our corner. We know that. We’re in your corner. Please know that. As we all navigate through so much new, let’s be sure to do so in dialogue with one another.


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