No Laughing Matter, Well Maybe

Back in BC just in time for the weather to release its fury once more! My time in the tropics of Ontario was great. It was exciting to see friends and family. It was also wonderful to have Amber come and spend some time in my part of the country. We flew back together (that was a nice first) on January 7th.

Life, once again, has picked up momentum and I like the business and challenges that this year has in store. They excite me!

Something even more exciting is driving the streets here in the Lower Mainland of BC. There are just too many funny moments to share. There are literally cars and trucks, of all shapes and sizes, strewn everywhere. Drives that should normally have taken me only a short while have turned into roadtrips! The highlight of it all came when it took me an hour-and-a-half to make it down one street. I had never heard of a city bus spinning out before that day…and to my great surprise, 2 city buses had spun out and blocked traffic just ahead of me! What are the odds of that happening? No seriously, I want to know.

As much as the snow and wind has wreaked havoc on BC, it is incredibly beautiful out there…picture tall pine trees dressed heavily in white with the sun reflecting off the snow as it blows off of mountain tops (please note this view is best enjoyed from the inside of your home).


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