After 6 weeks on Canada’s West Coast, we’re back in the Big Mango, and we’re trying to parent our way through the cultural flip-flop! For our kids to be culturally aware and socially intelligent is a high priority for us. Equipping them with tools to navigate their fluid cultural identities needs to be one of… Read More Thailanada

AutoCorrect Was Rather Correct

“how goes your interruption?” “interruption” “itineration…haha” The autocorrected text message from a friend read truer than intended. ITINERARTION, though Latin for “journey”, is used by Global Workers to describe when we travel to connect with current supporters, meet with potential investors, and report back on what is happening and what is coming. It also means… Read More AutoCorrect Was Rather Correct

Muck You

It was this time last year when she told us. We were driving home from watching the fireworks in North Vancouver when our friend Kimberlee shared with us what the doctors suspected. It wasn’t long before the test results were in and the medical assumptions became medical facts: Kim has MS. Her journey is so… Read More Muck You