From Rain to Sun to Snow

In a true display of unpredictable West Coast weather, the past three days have brought everything from glorious (and much needed) sunshine, to rain, to hail and now there are huge, fluffy snowflakes falling to the ground. It is the perfect day to enjoy the great indoors – despite the fact that there is work to be done.

As always, there is lots to do. I’ve always heard about how much work getting married actually is, but now I understand. There are simply a lot of little things that form some sort of coalition making it all seem like a single big thing. Amber and I have taken the “divide and conquer” approach and are tackling tasks on an individual basis. This has worked out great – we realy feel as though we are right on top of things. At present my biggest stress is suits. After much searching I’ve yet to find a suit that I love…well, I found one once, but it did not really work out and now no other suit can even coompare – so sad. We are also doing our pre-marital counseling right now and it has certanly led to some great conversations.

District happenings are in full swing. February was certainly a busy month. I do beleive March will bring a pause just before the rush brought on by SPARK (pre-teen convention) and Historymaker (youth convention) in April and May. Then the beginning of June will see us enter the blissful world of marriage. After that life is looking whirlwind-esque until September. Last Friday we hosted a pre-rally for SPARK to spread the word. It was a great night. I really enjoy investing in an event and then seeing people have an exciting and meaningful time once there. A personal highlight for me was dropping prizes from the cat walk onto a crowd of gift crazy pre-teens below!

Another arena of life that I am attempting to grow is the quality time I spend with friends. Investing in others and relationships is never a waste. With less than a year left here in Canada I really want to share this time with those who have walked out this journey with me; and I am excited to connect with new people as I go. I’ve found that a ticking clock defintely calls for a priority check.


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