SPARKing a Little Something

This past weekend Amber and I got to be a part of an event designed to engage pre-teens. SPARK Kelowna was an amazing time where nearly 300 pre-teens came together and it was a great time. The energy level was off the chart, the sumo suits were plump, the luggage was overstuffed for a 2 day event and the air was nearly chewable (because that is what you get when you sleep that many people in one building).

We did not know it but The Darce (our friend / boss Darcy McAlister) had a little surprise up his sleeve. He called us up in front of the whole crowd and explained what we are in the midst of living out. He had every person, adult and pre-teen, in that place come forward and pray for us. With the mic in the hand of a pre-teen, and little hands climbing like spiders up my arms (to meet Darcy’s instructions for people to put their hands on our shoulders – talk about asking the impossible of a 3 foot pre-teen facing a 6’2″ guy), I became slightly overwhelmed in an emotional way. The honesty and simplicity of their prayers was striking.

As if this was not enough, Darcy gave us a basket to hold and invited people to give to missions through us. Pre-teens and leaders came forward dropping coins and small bills into the basket. To them, it was a fortune. If they did not have money to give, they were told to give us a hug. Ever been hugged by hundreds of people in just a few minutes? Despite one unfortunate back swing which caught a girl in the face, the moment was one of the most humbling I have ever expereinced. There was such a stillness in me, as if this grandiose outpouring of pure well-wishing was too much for my body and all it could do was pause and soak in it.

And so here I sit – still vibrating with energy – marvelling at what these pre-teens will do as they grow. I find myself staring at my world map not so starry eyed anymore, but purposefully. Not only am I going to Slovakia, I am being sent.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave, spoke a kind word, prayed or hugged. You’ve done more than you realize.


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