Promises, Promises

We have been on a little tour-de-force in central British Columbia. It is by far the most scenic part of the entire province. While in Burns Lake we met a super fantastic group of youth. Stuart is one of those youth. Regailing Matthew with stories of all things gross and vomit based, Matthew felt that it was time he threw his hat into the arena and share with Stuart a story of his own. After hearing the story, Stuart, in a suprising turn of events, got Matthew to promise to blog the story. The following is a lesson in why one should not make idle promises as they will have to be kept, even to the detriment of one’s pride (and by that we mean Matthew’s). This story is dedicated to Stuart:

This past summer Amber and I went on a road trip down the west coast to San Francisco. While in California we stopped to visit my Grandpa Tom. GT is a strong man, a man who used to be in the American airforce. I am not a military type. When we got to his home he decided to take us flying around in his 4 seater, not to large, stays in the air using faith and duct tape kinda plane. I WAS SO EXCITED. That excitement faded after half an hour when I started to feel sick…when it was 96 degrees farenheit on the gorund, we were roasting in the sky and I was sweating in un-pretty ways! He noticed and tried to give me some air, but it was too little too late. The heat, the bouncing, the small dives as GT tried to show us all of the surrounding towns all led to one unavoidable end…with a twist.

Yes, I did throw up. But I caught every last drop in my mouth. From the outisde perspective it looked like a few dry heaves. So there I sat, shoulder to shoulder with GT, and I had a choice to make. Do I spew into a bag, releasing my breakfast but swallowing my pride – or do I swallow my breakfast and cling to my pride like I’m paid to do it.

I’d like you all to know that I am a very proud man.


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