God Speaks – With and Without an Accent

So this is my very first post. I usually leave the writing to Matthew, but he’s convinced me to try my hand at it. We’ve been in Slovakia for a little over three weeks now and I can honestly say that the transition to a new country, culture and language has been a good one. We were able to secure an apartment before we arrived, so we moved in two days after we landed. A friend here introduced us to Miriam, who is now our language tutor that we meet with twice a week. We’ve learned how the transit system works in Nitra, and even managed to get ourselves all the way to Bratislava one day! We decided to get involved with the young adults small group at the church and have made friends quickly. All in all life is good and we are happily adjusting to our new life here.

While I say all this, it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been moments where Matthew and I have looked at each other and said… what are we doing here?!

Well the good Lord was listening in on our little conversation. At small group this last Tuesday night the girls and guys split up for some prayer time. While many of the group know some English, the majority of the evening was done in Slovak, which makes sense. Anyway, one of the girls named Ludka was praying fervently and then all of a sudden broke out in fluent – not even an accent – English with a word from the Lord… for me.

The words she spoke were ones of confirmation and encouragement. That Matthew and I are in the right place, at the right time; we aren’t in Slovakia by accident. The words Ludka spoke were exactly what Matthew and I both needed to hear.

Today, Matthew and I are more sure of what God has called us to do than ever. We begin our life here in Nitra with a great sense of courage and strength, knowing that God goes before us.


7 thoughts on “God Speaks – With and Without an Accent

  1. Your voice is in our house as I type this. Seriously, modern technology is amazing–I feel like you actually are in the next room with Jamie, not just there via Skype. Anyway, I vaguely overheard you telling Roomie about this, and now here it is in print with the details that I didn’t catch. So exciting! Nothing life confirmation from God that you’re exactly where he wants you. So glad you guys are settling in well!

  2. Weren’t you listening to your mother-in-law…… I told you, “He takes care of everything.” I am glad He is showing Himself faithful to you. Awesome isn’t it – having such a dependable God. xo

  3. Amber and Matt. Just want to let you know I’m getting the church to pray for you guys. We just increased our budget for PAOC missionaries and I voted to support you. So we’ll see. Hope all is going well, and even though I never talk to you guys (and amber you probably don’t know me) We here in Ontario are thinking about you.Lindsay Norris

  4. This is Aaron, Megan’s friend who you guys graciously transported me to Seattle from Bham. Megan gave me your blog and it is so cool what you guys are doing. I loved read this post. God is good, all the time. BE BLESSED!have you thought of your title yet instead of missionary?

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