Time Warp – back to youth camp we go

Keeping with our theme of different approaches to time, we are getting ready for a last minute trip to Slovenia (it’s the red one on the map). Milan, a pastor in nearby Nové Zámky, was stuck for someone to travel with him to Slovenia where he is the main speaker at their youth camp. Our names got mentioned, we got a phone call, we agreed, it was confirmed and by Monday evening we’ll be in Slovenia…not bad for a Friday afternoon.

Because of conflicting schedules we will not be able to chat with Milan until we are actually on the train – good thing it is a 9 hour ride.

The central theme for the week is discipleship. We will be doing some of the teaching and we want to bring high quality material despite the not-so abundant amount of prep time. We do not really know Milan, we speak zero Slovene and have never been to Slovenia before – but man are we excited!

1 Slovak, 2 Canadians, 6 days and 70 campers – look out youth camp, here we come!


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