Jet Lag…We Meet Again

The secret is out – we snuck in a power visit to Canada.

The catalyst to the whole trip was Amber being in a friends wedding. From there it grew into an action packed 3 weeks of seeing friends, going to the doctor, spending time with family, visiting the dentist, meetings, speaking engagements, random appointments and stocking up on some goodies for our first Christmas “abroad”. It was full – in a good but exhausting way.

To add to the logistics of it all we tried to surprise people (see the video) which made for even more juggling. Facebook is quickly jeopardizing the longevity of the secret!

By no means did we accomplish everything on our list or get to see everyone we wanted to (which is sad). Being on Canadian soil was not a vacation, but was still energizing. For starters, we only had to think in 1 language. The real goodness came from being able to connect with friends and family while sharing cow meat (yeah Alberta steak), Starbucks, sushi and indoor carpeting. Thanks to everyone who took some time out to see us.

We returned to Slovakia today and have encountered another old friend – jet lag. This blog is 1 part overdue, 1 part an amends to everyone we did not see, but mainly 8 parts an attempt to stay up until at least 10pm…


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