Moving On…

It is 3am in Slovakia on January 1, 2009 – making it 9pm in Toronto and 6pm in Vancouver on December 31, 2008.

It is like this post has traveled through time!

We rung in the new year with a service at Mozaika and then at a friends house. As the clock struck midnight we were standing on Zobor (mountain) looking down over Nitra. There are no laws governing fireworks here and so in addition to the cities fireworks display, pyrotechnics exploded from house windows, parks, street corners, cars and apartment balconies. The whole city was alive with color, light, smoke, cheers and the echo of booms careening through apartment blocks. Firework shells were literally raining down around us. We have never experienced anything like it.

And with the tick of a clock so much has changed: 2009 has begun bringing with it the end of Slovakia’s national currency (the koruna or crown), heralding the arrival of the Euro, and marking Slovakia’s Independence Day.

Though we do not know what this year will bring, we do know of one change coming soon. The VBC administration has told Mozaika that January 25, 2009 will be our last Sunday in their facility. They still have not turned on the heat so we use this rocket-man-esque propane heater to warm up the space (jackets and gloves still required).

We have talked to the city about buying land, but this is obviously a more long-term goal. Pray that we would find a facility that meets our needs (1 room for adults, 1 room for children, storage, weather appropriate, within the city and willing to sign a contract at a reasonable price). More than that, pray for the people of Mozaika as so much transition can take a toll on people’s mentality. We want to be stronger at the end of this.

2008, with all of it’s challenges and all of it’s victories is behind us, and we look forward to new adventures in 2009.


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