On the Road Again

For us (Amber and Matthew), yesterday was the last time we would ever be a part of Mozaika in the VBC Business Centre. The church still has one more Sunday in this facility, however we are going to the PAOC Global Business Development Conference. On Sunday February 1st our church is part of a regional church conference; giving us an additional week to find a new location.

Currently there are a few applications to which we have not received replies. There was a prospect for one space, but a neighboring business complained that we would be too noisy. Beyond just looking for somewhere to rent, we have asked the city if we could purchase an old cinema building (Palace Cinema) near the downtown. It is infrequently used for film festivals. Before we moved to Nitra, the church had inquired about purchasing this building, but the city insisted they had plans for it. Over a year later, it stills stands empty most days.

We appreciate how much energy and prayer has been given in support, and we, along with the people of Mozaika, ask that you keep praying with us.

Our desire is to be a rooted element of our community and we believe that a building is part of this process.


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