Slovenija – Slovinsko – Slovenia…however you say it, that’s where we went

Life is a comedy…or at least one has to choose to see the humor in it. As we’ve mentioned, there was to be a training conference in Slovenia that we were going to help with. This presented a great opportunity to see some friends in Ljubljana we made last August while speaking at the Slovene young adults camp (birthplace of the now infamous “ička” event). So we made our way down last Wednesday, two days ahead of the conferences Friday start date.

We had an awesome time with our friends and it was energizing to be around an eclectic, vibrant group of young adults and young marrieds (don’t they look awesome). We even got to sleep at a friends apartment which has “two rooms and no doors” (a bonding experience for sure).

On Thursday we got a phone call saying there had been a miscommunication and that the conference is actually taking place this coming weekend (which helped us understand a lot of the puzzled looks we had received when we told people why we were down). Catalyst is also this coming weekend and Sheldon and Mark, our Catalyst teachers-in-arms, are teaching in Slovenia and so we will be running Catalyst solo. We’re prepared and have been praying for the students as we tackle a heavy-hitter of a subject: character!


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