Life Moments

Today, Matthew’s sisters will graduate from college. They have worked hard, contributed to student and community life and had fun while doing it.

We honestly could not be more proud.

Distance has become a regular part of our lives; an element of this lifestyle that we accept as reality and simultaneously fight (armed with Facebook, cell phones, Skype, e-mail and even regular mail…like with paper and stamps). Though we will see pictures and hear the grand retelling, they cannot replace an excited hug in the moment, a smile caught across a full auditorium or a hand reddened by vigorous clapping.

When God asked us to embrace a missional life, we know He factored all of this into His plans and though there are still wishful moments, it is good to know this has not been overlooked.

So if you happen to be at Summit Pacific’s graduation ceremony in Abbotsford, BC and you see two radiant graduates – give them a hug for us!


3 thoughts on “Life Moments

  1. They indeed were radiant young ladies. Got to know them a little when we did their credential interviews last month. They are every bit as special as their brother. Got to meet their father last night. When I introduced myself and asked if he was Rev. Price, he said, “No, I’m Chuck.” Great banquet last night. Thought of you two lots. Blessings! Ron Davis

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