She Remembered Us

We met Joan Gimson only a handful of times; her daughter and grandson have been great friends since our college days and we went to the same church in Ft.Langley.

Having served in Africa, Joan was a champion for missions. Within the walls of her British body was quite a passion for people and a belief in the power of prayer. At the end of last month, Joan passed away rather unexpectedly.

Joan assured us that she prayed for us often; and we never doubted that. While assembling Joan’s things, Joanne (Joan’s daughter and our friend) found a small note attached to the bathroom mirror that read “Matthew and Amber”. When we received an e-mail about her small reminder to pray, it was a simple, yet meaningful moment.

Whatever we accomplish is undoubtedly a result of God hard at work, but he has decided to include us in the action. We are all in this together – regardless of what continent we are on. For as much time as we contribute here on the ground, we are so grateful for people around the world who put time in through prayer. It is essential.

So, we take a moment to remember all that Joan did for us, even from the other side of the world. Her contributions will continue to build a legacy for years to come.


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