The Last Hurdle(s)

After jumping through countless hoops to get our temporary residency papers, our lawyer had some good news for us (with a catch). All 3 of us have been approved for temporary residency (karta pobytu) until June 2014, but getting our physical residency cards may prove to be a challenge. We’ve come to expect nothing less. Amber and Daxon cannot re-enter the Schengen Zone until August 23rd so we’ve got some more time in Canada to plan our moves on the next hurdles.

Hurdle 1: Amber’s passport will expire in January but all of the papers we submitted in Poland have her current passport number on them. Most countries won’t let you enter unless your passport is good for so many months. So we’ll have to renew her passport before returning to Poland or risk being turned away at the border. This may or may not be problematic when we return to Poland so we’ll call this a “hurdle”.

Hurdle 2: the State Office told our lawyer that we need to get a new Zameldowanie (registration of our address in Poland) before they will even print our residency cards. This means when we arrive in Poland we will have no papers to prove our ability to stay in Poland. This shouldn’t be a problem at the border as we’ll enter as tourists. However, when we go to register our address we’ll have no visa or other documentation to prove temporary residency. Yup, we need Zameldowanie to get our residency cards and we need our residency cards to get Zamelwoanie. This could be a real hurdle.


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