We Share Colours

All 3 of us are together in Poland – now, how great is that? It feels familiar and odd being back. As usual it was a whirlwind of a time as we prepared to travel and Daxon put flights 18 and 19 under his belt (his 3rd trans-Atlantic flight) with style…though baby jet lag is proving to be a bit of a brute. Our apartment is still standing, our pipes still work and we have power. It’s good to be home.

We’re technically tourists at this time as we work on getting our new Zameldowanie (address registration) so they will actually print our temporary residency cards (karta pobytu). Though approved for temporary residency it is next to meaningless without our cards. We expect those cards will come complete with horrible pictures of us and a sense of connectedness, rootedness and permanency that we’ve been lacking as of late. It’s not the same as stability, but it may help us feel more at home here and give us grounds to envision a future here that goes beyond a few months.

Red and white may be the colours of Poland and Canada but we’re looking for a connection deeper than that. We’ve done the math and since Daxon was born we’ve had a total of 9, non-consecutive weeks where it has been just our tribe of 3. It’s been wonderful to have guests here and to spend time in Canada, but now we look forward to giving this parenting thing a try. Our family. Our learning curve. Our traditions for the creating. Building a family life will be another connection that we can build between our red-and-white loving nations. We want to be at home regardless of which side of the ocean we are on.


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