OMEGA 2014-2015

It’s been intense getting ready for Brazil. The end of the college year puts a lot on the plates of the students and leaders of OMEGA. Add in packing, getting life in order to be away, taking the kids to Ontario to be with Matthew’s family, finishing up course work for Matthew’s masters (he’ll write a final exam 5 days after returning to BC), and ensuring Matthew has everything in place while away for his job, graduation ceremony and festivities for Amber…let’s just say our days have been wells scheduled. On April 25th, Amber will travel from Vancouver with the OMEGA students. Matthew will travel from Toronto and meet the teams in Brazil. Amber will be traveling with one team and Matthew with another, though our paths will cross at times.

thank you for partnering with us to make this possible

For everyone who invested financially, has shared an encouraging word, lent a helping hand, has prayed, and continues to pray – thank you! Thanks to your abundant generosity we have covered Matthew’s trip costs and have been able to help the student leaders financially as well. We’re humbled by your giving. Stay connected to OMEGA’s time in Brazil: TWITTER @OMEGACHALLENGE INSTAGRAM @OMEGACHALLENGE FACEBOOK

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