OMEGA and Brazil

A dynamic group of students are going to make an impact

As part of their spiritual and leadership growth, every year the OMEGA students travel to a part of the world to serve in a cross-cultural setting. It’s an extension of the same heart they’ve been building all year through their classes and weekly involvement in both a church and para-church setting. This year OMEGA is headed to Brazil (April 25 – May 21).

This is part of Amber’s job, but Matthew has been invited to serve as an Overseer; it’s kind of like being the responsible adult but it is more of an opportunity to invest in students, propel them forward, challenge them, and love on them. You may recall when we served as Overseers when OMEGA was in Czech Republic in 2009.

It is a huge honour and we’ve decided we’re all in. You may be wondering how two working parents are going to pull this off, and we admit it is not without cost. For Matthew there’s the cost of travel, food, accommodation, in addition to the lost revenue of not working. Our kids will be spending this time with family and so there is the cost of travel and setting them up for success. We worry about how the kids will respond to being apart from us for so long. The logistics of sorting life, work, school, so that we don’t return to a hot mess is a sizable task. So why are we doing this:

  • we miss serving in a cross-cultural setting. A lot.
  • we believe in this program, but more so we believe in these students and value a chance to work alongside of them. Time moves differently on trips like these and you can fit in months-worth of bonding and sharing in just a few weeks.
  • as Canadians, we’re blessed and we need to give back from that on a global scale.
  • we miss working together as a team. Though we will be Overseers for separate teams, we will collaborate on this trip. We’re a team and we want to invest in that part of our relationship.
  • we love experiencing cultures and think that cultural diversity reflects God’s creativity.

How you can be involved:

  • pray for us, for the teams, for our kids, our family, and the people we will meet in Brazil
  • give financially as we are responsible for covering Matthew’s costs. We are only asking for help to cover the costs of Matthew’s trip (travel, accommodation, food, contribution towards our work in Brazil). This totals $3,000 CAD. The personal costs are our investment into this.

If through your generosity we raise more than this, any excess would be invested in one of two ways:

  • 1) the cost our student leaders pay to go to Brazil. OMEGA has a truly amazing team of interns and intern assistants who invest into their students in addition to their own schoolwork. They are worth the investment.
  • 2) towards the work OMEGA will be doing in Brazil mainly in high schools and local churches.
  • even if you do not invest in Matthew’s trip, consider investing in the OMEGA leaders and the work of OMEGA in Brazil.

Cheques can be made payable to Summit Pacific College with “Matthew Price OMEGA” in the memo line. All donations of $25 or more are tax receiptable. Please let us know if you do give so we can keep an eye out for it.

OMEGA Global, c/o Summit Pacific College, PO Box 1700, Abbotsford BC, V2S 7E7


2 thoughts on “OMEGA and Brazil

  1. Cool opportunity! Really glad you guys get to do this. I can’t give money, but I will investin you through committed prayer. Love you guys, Nancy

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