Second Impressions | Day Two in Bangkok

We’re just now beginning Day Three here in Bangkok and we’ve done so by reflecting on Day Two. We had lofty intentions of writing last night, but score one for jet lag which hit hard and unmercifully yesterday evening (15 hours is a significant time change).

Our days have been filled with spending time with members of the Imagine Thailand team, exploring some of the neighbourhoods of Bangkok, organizing for OMEGA’s upcoming trip to Thailand, a lot of eating, researching schools for our children, sitting in a Thai-language class at a school we are considering for ourselves, visiting the college and Thai office for PAOC, and trying to absorb as much of it as possible. One of the Imagine Thailand team members has graciously allowed us to stay in their apartment while they are out of the country and it has been invaluable to be in a neighbourhood setting and not a hotel. It’s a gift to experience life in the city.

For me (Matthew), I’ve been struck by a number of things here in Bangkok – literally! Either Bangkok was not designed for people of my height or I was not designed for Bangkok, but either way it is only a matter of time before I knock myself out here. #GOALS

Bangkok simply cannot be silenced. Sound is the proof of life and Bangkok is so alive. Even now I hear construction, motorists on their way to work, birds I cannot identify, the hum of air conditioners, and echoes off buildings. To me, it is a beautiful chorus of a city engaging in a brand new day. The somewhat nondescript skyline of Bangkok is punctuated by soaring skyscrapers and each one is home to thousands. I think of all the stories unfolding in each tower and I am amazed there is a God who cares deeply about each and every narrative.

So we begin a new day with fresh eyes, open hearts, and a desire to learn.


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