Third Impressions | Day Three in Bangkok

It may sound cliche, but relationship is a high value for us. Really. High. Value. So we enjoyed Day Three by investing in relationships. We spent time with members of the Imagine Thailand team and their families. We lunched with PAOC Global Workers who literally offer decades of experience and insights into Thailand, and we coffeed (yeah, we made that a verb) with the Regional Director for South East Asia. All of these fine folk let us pepper them with questions ranging from the practical to the philosophical. We learned so much and we are grateful that we can stand on the shoulders of the giants who have gone before us.

Perhaps naively we thought most of our questions would be answered during this week, but instead we are finding that rather than providing all the answers, our time here is teaching us better questions. There is still a lot to learn, a lot to explore, a lot to pray through, and a lot to put into place. Transitions are a multifaceted process. For as many streets as we’ve walked there are countless more to discover. Attempting to know a city almost too vast to be known reminds us that there is a need for the divine even in the basic logistics of life here.

Now, as the sun rises in the city, we are preparing to go to a Thai church with a Thai person and it’s exciting to be dipping our toes into another element of life here.


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