Muck You

It was this time last year when she told us. We were driving home from watching the fireworks in North Vancouver when our friend Kimberlee shared with us what the doctors suspected. It wasn’t long before the test results were in and the medical assumptions became medical facts: Kim has MS.

Her journey is so much more than just making the best of a bad situation. It is a story of tackling the difficult with intentionality, community, God’s help, and a healthy dose of honesty about it all. Kim’s story is one worth reading. CLICK HERE to learn more about her journey.

On October 3rd, as part of team In Everything, Matthew is doing the Muck MS challenge in Chilliwack, BC. It’s 5km and 15 obstacles to raise support and awareness for the work of the MS Society of Canada.

Check out our team page and DONATE ONLINE

MS picked a fight with our friend. Let’s fight back together.


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