Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Though standing in the foyer of the middle school where our church-plant meets, we found ourselves in a familiar situation we haven’t encountered for awhile. It came during a conversation with a lady we had struck up a conversation with while getting coffee. It progressed though all of the usual “nice to meet you” questions – and then the moment came. It’s that moment when you realize the other person has put together who we are and what we do. It can feel slightly-to-moderately awkward.

We see it in their eyes. Perhaps they’ve read our blog (as you are doing now) or heard someone mention “that family that used to be in Europe and is now going to Asia”. Soon after, it becomes very clear that they know more about us than we know about them. It’s in that moment that we choose to press into conversation because, in our experience, people will make it about us and our plans rather than allowing us the opportunity to know them better. And we do want to know you better.

Please don’t read this as celebrity or feigning humility. Sharing our story, or better stated as what God has included us in, is an exciting part of the lifestyle we embrace. There’s something awesome about sharing the lessons we’ve learned, connecting those who would otherwise be separated by distance, and bridging poverty with opportunity. All of this requires a platform to speak from; be it email, online, social media, in person, or in print. It’s not about making ourselves famous, but about making God known.

So there we were trying to ride a bicycle we haven’t been on for two years. The tools for fundraising, networking, and connecting have changed, but the reason behind it all remains constant. Back onto the bicycle we go – training wheels off, kids in tow, and streamers on the handlebars (because life should be enjoyed with a little flare).


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