Oh Canada

I am officially back on Canadian soil. I arrived in British Columbia on October 12 and have been surprisingly busy ever since. I must say that it is far too COLD here! I guess I became more accustomed to the weather in India than I was aware of. What makes me more sad is that I have already caught a cold after only being back for a few days. I mean, what kind of Canadian am I if I cannot even handle the month of October?!

My missions apprenticeship has officially begun. I have been into the office and even helped with a small youth ministries event. Not bad for my first weekend back! The search for an apartment / basement suite / roomy card board box has also kicked into high gear. My girlfriend has also been kind of enough to bless me with a mode of transportation…just imagine me, at 6 feet, 2 inches, cruising around in a white Geo Metro – a funny mental image I know.

Now that I am back, life in Canada does not seem like such a foreign idea. I am struck by how in some ways life has not changed, while in others the differences are undeniable. Regardless, I am very excited for whatever this fall season has in store. One of the best parts about being a Christian (in my opinion) is that the adventure is never over. Whether overseas or at home, God always has something more in store for us.


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