She Said YES!

Well folks the nearly unthinkable has taken place…insert suspense…last night, atop Burnaby Mountain (which provides a lovely view of the mountains, ocean and downtown Vancouver), Miss Amber Wilson agreed to marry me! I can hardly believe it myself! Needless to say it was romantic and wonderful. I am very proud that I genuinely surprised her. The night was not without surprises for me as well. As we were leaving , and I was getting into the car, a lady backed right into us. It was one of those “is this really happening” type moments. Thus, the very first people we announced our engagement to was two random strangers in a parking lot. I must say it makes for a great story though.

It is so incredibly exciting to know that Amber and I are just one step closer to working together in missions. It changes everything to know that you will never face things alone.


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