Famous Last Words

When I was younger I vowed that I would never go to Bible College – though I just graduated from Summit Pacific College (Bible College) in April. As a teenager I promised myself I would never work in any form of Christian vocation – though I am now preparing to be a missionary. When I finally accepted God’s not-so-subtle nudges and agreed to go to Bible College and study to become a misisonary I swore that I would never be the missionary who travels speaking and showing pictures – tonight that dream came to an end.

I had the opportunity to share with the young adults group at Living Waters Assembly in Fort Langley (which the young adults pastor as hails the best looking group of people around). It really was a great time. I had been asked to share a little insight into my time in India and pictures just seemed so fitting…so sure enough, there I was, the guest speaker, showing pictures of my missionary endeavours. For the record, it was only a few pictures and I did not give a play-by-play of each photograph.

All this goes to show that God has a much better plan than I do. A lot of the time I want to know exactly what is coming and what I should do next – I want the big picture…ALL OF IT! But, if God would have told me five years ago what I would be doing on the evening of October 29, 2006 I would have laughed out loud and then probably pulled some sort of Jonah-esque escape and evade maneuver. It makes me even more excited when I stop and think about what may come in the next five years.


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