The Bare Necessities

As of November 1 I have been a resident of Surrey, British Columbia. I have officially secured a place to live and am renting a lovely, though highly green, basement suite. It really is an answer to prayer as it is in a great location, provides me with easy highway access to get to the District Office in Langley, is not too far from Amber, is relatively spacious and has a dishwasher (which is amazing since dish washing is one of my least favourite household chores). Life is beginning to take on a more solid feel – less transitional and more like my life is grounded here. Everyone needs a homebase to function out of – mine just happens to be decked out in green. I like to think of it as “Matthew and the Huge Granny Smith Apple” (rather than James and his Giant Peach).

At the beginning of the month Amber and I had the opportunity to attend a conference called “Young Mavericks”. It is geared towards young people involved in, or looking to be involved in, entrepreneuring business ventures. The conference featured a variety of accomplished speakers who not only took the time to present their experiences, but sat down with those in attendance to discuss ideas one-on-one. I cannot say how much I enjoyed this time. Missions has changed and in my opinion a lot of missional work is driven by a highly entreprenurial spirit. This conference sparked some great ideas in my head and changed my thinking on a lot of topics.

Christians should be leading the pack in creative new ventures. God is the most creative force ever. Innovation, imagination and implementation should be a part of everyone’s Christian lifestyle. This first week of November has been great not only because I have covered some of the basic necessities of life (housing), but because I have been challenged to think bigger than I would on my own.


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