The Return of the Roamers

After about a month’s hiatus, we have returned to set-up our home. Decidedly, we’re not allowing the fact that we will be deconstructing our homestead in six months time to detract from our enjoyment of this process. Excited does not seem to fully capture our feeling towards the next few months. There are just so many things to tackle and each of them is intriguing, involving and most are simply a lot of work.

Our intention is to depart for Nitra in January of 2008, leaving us the remainder of this year to further our language and culture study, grow the number of people who know of us, pray for us, generally like us and think good thoughts about us, and establish our finances. Oh, and let’s not forget that we will be exploring the meaning of the words “wedded bliss” (to date we have learned that neither of us are accomplished blanket share-ers). And so our days are filled with language learning, house arranging, car finding, and schedule making (we are really hoping to travel to northern BC to meet with churches).

As with all journeys of an epic proportion, this beginning certainly does feel quite grandiose. We are making sure to take in each moment – from the larger-than-life “we just got married” times to the “let’s meet a friend for coffee” instances. Each is invaluable to us….so, uh, whose up for some coffee?


One thought on “The Return of the Roamers

  1. Sorry we missed the opportunity to meet you in person for coffee.I glad to say, our mutual Friend, knows you so I’ll just continue to talk to him about you. He’ll always get the message straight.Blessings overflowing to you both from Montreal.Wendy and Alex Lappos

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