The Good House Guest

What does it take to make a difference? Some might say that it is both audacious and arrogant to believe that one can make any lasting difference in a foreign country, filled with dissimilar practices, a distinct world-view and a history that is only understood through research. Though I am convinced that there is an element of daring involved, which perhaps borders on arrogance, I believe there is a drive deeper than this.

As a Canadian I have been given much. Even as a recent graduate and newly wed I have more than most people around the world. I find that I cannot shake the saying “to whom much is given, much is required”. I think this saying was Spiderman-ized into “with great power comes great responsibility”. It is this sense of responsibility that drives so many.

This realization seems to be taking centre-stage in the theatre of world affairs. While we have watched Angelina and Bono take affirmative action, there must be something said for the everyday actions of everyday people. We are all to leave this world a better place than how we found it; truly the cardinal rule of a good house guest. I believe we are all capable of making this contribution.

Some will do so here in Canada, while we commit to doing so in Slovakia. Our contributions may vary, and our surroundings may differ, but we can all choose to be involved. So, much like making the bed, rinsing your dishes and not making long-distance phone calls while at a friend’s house, what is your contribution? I believe that the true challenge is daring to embrace this responsibility and seeing it through to the point where it has an impact.

Change demands action…so I guess it’s time to make the bed.


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