If you Cut me, do I not say "Ouch – Why did you do That?"

As we travelled, spoke and met new people over these past few weeks, we noticed that people engage us differently when we are introduced as a visiting missionary couple. As young adults, while out visiting, we are accustomed to sleeping bags and floor mats, yet we were received with such warmth and hospitality that we felt somewhat undeserving. It is amazing what the title of “missionary” will do for one’s interpersonal relationships. Regardless of title, we are still ordinary people. As such, here’s a little tale to prove how common we are:

This past Sunday we had returned to our home church in Fort Langley. We were so excited to be back. Conveniently enough, Matthew was on the schedule to greet people as they came in. After Matthew had been at church greeting for fifteen minutes, Amber arrived. From where he stood he watched her approach from across the parking lot – a true vision of beauty.

As Amber got closer, someone held the door open and Matthew, overcome by Amber’s radiance, called out “good looking woman comin‘ in”! What Matthew had not seen was another young couple walking to the front door from the other side of the parking lot. As Matthew’s words rang out, a woman (yes, completely unknown to him), stepped through the door wearing a shocked expression. Her husband, entering just after her, seemed even less impressed. Matthew, now glowing red, stammered to explain that he had not seen them and had been addressing his wife.

The couple, demonstrating grace, laughed at the situation, but still quickly took their seats.

Thus, we end today’s lesson with two conclusions. One: missionaries are still very human. Two: always survey the landscape when exuberantly complimenting one’s wife.


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