Moving Day

We hit the road in 30 minutes to drop-off the car, have dinner with family and head to the Toronto airport.  We’re flying to Vienna via London and a friend will pick us up and take us to Nitra, Slovakia.  We’re catching a 5:30am train (that’s 15 hours after we get to Slovakia) to Romania to grab the car and do the 5 hour drive back to Slovakia (actually started to type the words “back home” just then).  We’re speaking at Mozaika on the 19th and we are SO excited to see our friends and catch-up on the last 6 months.

On the 22nd we’ll be doing the 10 hour drive north into Poland and checking into a hotel.  Then we have to find an apartment.  We hope to be moving in on October 1st.  University starts on October 4th and we begin our regiment of 5 hours of classes a day, Monday to Friday.

There’s so much going on in our hearts and brains right now that we could not share it right now.  We’re grieved to leave friends and family, but excited for what comes next.  We’re torn in a good way.

We’ll be in touch once we’re settled or you can follow us on Twitter (ambernmatthew).


One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Hi there – we met you in Smithers, BC this past summer. Have been thinking of you and praying for you while you have been in Canada. Just talking the other day about where things are at for you guys, if you were in Poland yet so just about to sit down and spend some time in prayer here. Went online to find out what was happening with you guys – see that you made it to Slovakia. Enjoy your visit there and we will be in prayer for all the needs you have mentioned. Kathy

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