The Coming Home to Slovakia List

With 6 months of separation between us, there have been a few reminder moments for us as we return to life in a familiar and beloved part of Europe.  Here is a list of things we’ve been reminded of:

  • 130 km/h is the posted speed limit and is simply a place to begin your speeding.
  • Kiss on both cheeks (any hesitation may result in a near lip-collision).
  • Slovakia has a food-driven hospitality culture. You’re going to eat. A lot. Frequently.
  • Passing multiple cars, going uphill, on a blind corner is part of a regular commute.
  • Perceptions of distance are different.  If you travel 40 – 60 minutes, people will invite you to spend the night rather than drive “all the way back home”.
  • Any space can be turned into a parking spot at any time.
  • The beauty of corn and eggs on pizza.
  • The chilly approach to customer service.
  • The humbling warmth of good friends (there’s just a different way of expressing love within friendship here).
  • Advertisers use of under-dressed models to sell nearly anything.

Further reminders include:

  • That English songs are not censored on Slovak radio (we English speakers have come up with some real garbage).
  • The sudden surprise an air raid siren test can bring.
  • Village radio (literally speakers attached to poles throughout a village – need we say more).
  • Cashier’s constant desire for you to pay with exact change.

One thought on “The Coming Home to Slovakia List

  1. I smiled/laughed as I read your account of returning to Slovakia. Why, because I can so visualize all that you shared!! Please….. for your mother………. keep your speed to a minimal roaaar. Love U. xoxo

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