For Want of a Home

We did the 11 hour drive from Slovakia to Poland on September 22nd.  The hotel we had hoped to stay in made a mistake with our booking and we were unable to get a room in Włocławek until the 24th.  We spent our first 2 nights in Poland 40 minutes away from Włocławek in Ciechocinek.  We have moved to a hotel in Włocławek and have been searching for an apartment.  Business slows down / closes on weekends here so our search has stalled until Monday.

Our language program begins on October 4th.  We’ve been corresponding with our Program Director and told her that we would be commuting into classes from Włocławek.  We’d like to share her response:

“if you have no particular interest in this particular town, then I will simply say it’s not THE best place in terms of a) nice architecture, b) the number of things going on [cultural events etc.], c) other possibilities, d) road works between Wloclawek and Torun”

We laughed at these not-so-encouraging words as we work to establish ourselves here.  For whatever reason we feel like this search for an apartment is a lesson in trust.  Our natural drive would be to research, make a plan, go nuts and find somewhere to live (you know us).  Admittedly, we’ve done a bit of that, but we feel like we’re supposed to let God really take care of this one = a very stretching, uncomfortable, probably important lesson for us.  We’re navigating this as best we can, and more than just an apartment we want to find a home where we can connect with people around us. Often we search for a place to live based on what it offers us, but we want to be able to offer something to wherever we call home.

Pray that we would find a place, but more importantly that we would come out of this process as better people.


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