The Bed Count – September

After 7 months of life on the go, we are bringing the Bed Count to a close…and we’re OK with that!  Rather than counting kilometers traveled, meetings had or cities visited, we decided to track our time by counting the number of beds we slept in starting when we moved from our apartment in Nitra, Slovakia and ending with finding a home in Włocławek, Poland.  That day has come (almost).  We’ve got an apartment now, but we’re sleeping on an air bed.  So, we’ll tag one more bed onto the count for when we get a proper bed in our apartment.  Here are the numbers:

February = 6 / March = 5 / April = 10 / May = 5 / June = 6 / July = 6 / August = 3 / September = 8

TOTAL = 49 (including our soon to be found proper bed)


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